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Our сompany

Datsan Special Transformers is an experienced Turkish transformer company that provides a wide range of services and electrical equipment. Since 1992 we’re a trusted manufacturer that implemented hundreds of projects in oil & gas, power distribution, marine, and heavy industries. Our high-qualified experts at R&D department make our products special and reliable on the market. Datsan Special Transformers individual approach for each project helps us to understand how to satisfy our Customers’ with the best solution.

Currently, we provide our products and technologies for:
  • Oil
    Oil & Gas
  • Heavy
    Heavy Industry
  • Tracking
  • Marine
    Marine Industry
  • Network
    Distribution Network

Datsan Special Transformers is a household name for such regions as the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. We use our extensive expertise and knowledge we gained and still gaining every day for all the products we design and manufacture. Developing new ways and solutions that absolutely fits our Customers makes us a reliable manufacturer that keeps up with the industrial market trends. We meet every challenge like a chance to develop more special and unique ideas together with searching for the best solutions for our Clients.

Mission and Values

The Mission of Datsan Special Transformers company -
“We create, keep and transmit victory technologies for our Partners”.

Datsan gives its Clients the key to a victory inside of their activities scope Datsan Special Tranformers
  • Innovation
  • Favorable conditions for partnership
  • Individual approach to Customers
  • High quality
  • Technological efficiency



All Datsan Special Transformers products are designed in accordance with IEC, CE, ANSI, NEMA standards together with Customers’ requirements and needs. We’re proud to be a certified manufacturer that has its own vision and individual approach to each and every project.


Starting from the top management, we involve all employees in the process setting the goal of continuous improvement of products and processes. The full cycle of product development from an idea to implementation is performed under meticulous scrutiny. Our professionals take all the responsibility step by step to receive the results that meet all of the Customers’ requirements.


From the primary goods purchase to product delivery and service, all processes and procedures performed under the quality management system control.


For Datsan Special Transformers, quality means not only the product but also the prevention of damage to the environment as much as possible: fewer carbon emissions, more efficient use of resources - these are the factors we reckon to be important.


We сonduct routine, type and other special tests to check and improve the quality of our equipment. Our Customers can easily check products test results online.



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