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Perenco visits Datsan facility

Perenco visits Datsan facility

Datsan is all about expanding its horizons and searching for the best way to implement products in different areas and conditions. We’ve been working with the biggest industrial regions all over the world for years and Europe has always been a big part of our journey. 

Collaborating with market leaders we put their interests first, which means we’re always ready to meet, assist and support our Partners in every step of the way. Recently, one of our European oil&gas Partners visited our facility in Mardin. 

Yes, we are talking about the one and only Perenco. Needless to say that this French oil&gas company is a veteran in the industry. They kept their leadership in the biggest oil&gas regions including Diyarbakir, Turkey for years.

Datsan Special Transformers was extremely glad to have such guests at the facility since the first line of transformers for Perenco was on the way to be implemented.  Transparency is a core value for Datsan. As a result, we are always open about how we manage all the processes together: quality system, production facilities, safety, and testing program.  

We hope that this is the start of successful cooperation with Perenco that is growing in a long-term Partnership!

Datsan - your reliable Partner and friend!

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