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Visit of Latin America Partners

Visit of Latin America Partners

Building a longterm partnership is a passport to success. Datsan Special Transformers is focused on this target constantly. We are always open to welcome our Customers and Partners to our facility in Mardin.

Recently, we took in our Latin American Partner Smart Process Group at our facility.  We covered all the topics to discuss, including the results of collaboration, demonstrated Datsan production and testing units of our products. The discussion resulted in the formation of the brand new strategy with projects and opportunities for Latin America market development.

Datsan feels the need for an eye-to-eye interaction with our Partners and Customers. What can be a better proof than to get to see firsthand? After such visits our Partners are able to proceed with confidently collaborating with Datsan Special Transformers brand and products in the markets of Ecuador, Venezuela, and Colombia.

Datsan Special Transformers - your reliable Partner!

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